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Player contracts in the news

I notice that the press has been asking Chris Powell and his players more assertive questions regarding the contract situation.

The contract expirations have been known for long while among those close to the club, but now it is gathering a little more pace within the media. Powell and numerous players that includes Jackson, Morrison, Hamer, Wiggins, Cort and Pritchard will want at least to be involved in discussions as we enter the near I am sure, but I hear none of the players have been approached yet.

Those players will sense that the January transfer window is only around the corner and I am sure agents, good ones anyway, are already planning some options for those that will be without a contract come June.

Chris Powell spoke to the South London Press over the weekend about his, the entire coaching staff and player contracts.

The current longest serving manager in The Championship said he wants to stay beyond next summer at The Valley but if I read between the lines, CP wants to secure his best players on contracts before he worries about himself. Why Powell would stay if the owners don’t offer contracts to his key players I don’t know.

In today’s Evening Standard Johnnie Jackson spoke out about the contract position. If we knew the board had a plan, they might be more reticent over Jackson, some may point to injuries and age, although he is younger than Kermorgant, but I think he is the singularly most important player on the payroll. His goals, drive and leadership qualities have got us out of many a hole and to be fair, it’s not like he has lost his pace as he never had any to start with!

If I was Jimenez, when I got a break from the court room, I would have Jackson into my office first.

This of course will develop over time but it is interesting that suddenly word is getting out. Remember out of contract players are free to talk to other clubs in January and are allowed to sign pre-contract deals that will see them move after the season ends.

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