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After a busy weekend taking in a little football, a very enjoyable dinner at The Oak celebrating some good news, a couple of curries, one in Birmingham and one with some mates in Hornchurch plus a swift game of bowling in Maidstone, the most important reason for being home, allegedly, was that I needed to renew my passport.

Living overseas and travelling regularly this isn’t an easy exercise. Also annoyingly my current passport has 5 years left on it, but it has run out of spaces, which has caused me a number of sticky conversations with customs officers recently that fortunately have not sought to enforce the law that an empty page should be available to stamp by customs officials.

Thus, yesterday I headed off to Victoria to experience the four hour premium service and it harmless. Expensive, but efficient and now I have a new passport. All good, except that my new passport photo appears to may me look a lot more than 5 years older! Must be the sun.

Working today, back to my parents tonight and I return to Bermuda tomorrow to get my new passport christened.

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