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The beginning of July represents an interlude in work stresses as our business flow is predominately backed into the first half of the year. There are always things to do of course, but the foot is lifted of the accelerator a bit until the last quarter.

I have also taken the opportunity to book a few trips off island this month. Next week I go to Chicago, predominately to do some continued education stuff for work, but also catch up with my mate, who is getting married at the end of the month in the Windy City.

We are all going (so I’ll be there twice in July) and I have been honoured with the roll of groomsman or as we call them, usher.

In between I go back to Blighty to spend some time in the City working, but will spend the weekend at my parents, it is their anniversary, hopefully the sun may have made an appearance by then!

Today, courtesy of it being the USA’s 236th birthday, I had a day off and me and the little ‘un hung out and went swimming. We were heading to the fireworks at Elbow Beach tonight, but I realised I like Americans, but not that much!

On Saturday we have been invited to a friend’s wedding here on the island, the 2nd of 3 this summer. One would have thought I’d be past the age of mates getting married, but I do have an unnatural amount of unmarried friends in my age bracket and my brother goes next year.

The ceremony is in a church with the afters at Tuckers Point Beach Club, where we are members and my understanding is that the bar is licensed until 3am.

The couple getting married are Brits but dress code is full Bermudian attire, including the hat in the photo which was bought for me today. I do not expect it to make it home.

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