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Anyone for Port?

Football’s back on later after a day’s rest. Portugal take on the Czech Republic and I fancy the Portuguese to outclass the suprise Group A winners.

Tell me, is it just 90 minutes, extra time and penalties now? Or have UEFA dreamed up some mathmatical genius to decide winners. Teams with players with the most consonants or something. Czech Republic will walk it.

I think I was being a bit thick but in a couple of those deciding Group games, expecially A and C I was lost to who was qualifying. What with the 2nd phase offside rule and the assistant assistant’s referee stood on the goal-line looking the wrong way, I am easily confused!

So 8 teams left, and some of the best teams in the world. Diluting the Euro’s to 24 teams in 2016 will be a real shame because this tournament has been cracking. The often drab and cagey group games were open and exciting with ‘proper’ strikers goals and a screamer from Ibrahimovic, which will be tough to beat.

Now for the winner takes all stage, although in the past we have seen countries play for penalties. I just don’t see that this time.

Two of my final four are out and the other two meet in the Quarter Finals! After seeing the majority of the games, it is very hard to look past Germany but I do have a bent for Portugal.

10% of the Bermudian population are either Portuguese or have Portuguese heritage, most of whom come from the islands of the Azores, which if you rowed a boat due east from Bermuda you will reach (I am told) the Azores about 2,000 miles later. Why people would leave the tiny Archipelago of the Azores for the teeny islands of Bermuda I have no idea, but the red and green flag of Portugal is very prominent here and I’d like to see them progress later today.

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