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Unlikely heroes

It wasn’t a classic but it certainly was an exciting end to a tight game. Eli Manning was MVP, the winning quarter back always is, although I thought there were more deserving lesser known heroes.

One such was Ahmed Bradshaw, who with the New York Giants trailing New England by two points with one minute, four seconds left, ran in for what was the winning touchdown unopposed.

Bradshaw was merely playing out a well rehearsed move but the Giants, although trailing didn’t want to score so soon, thus allowing the laser throwing arm of Tom Brady the chance to move the ball quickly up the other end and claim glory for the Patriots – seems silly that a game that can last 4 hours all comes down to the last minute!

The Patriots had only one timeout left, meaning the Giants were more or less set up to take the lead with less than 20 seconds remaining and then a New York victory was all but assured.

Then as Bradshaw was fed the ball, his momentum took him to the edge of the goal line. Everyone watched as he turned and tried to land at the one-yard line but then fell backwards onto his arse to score the 6 points (photo).

The teams quickly changed their players and there was little time for the Giants to celebrate as the clock ticked. All around me in the pub Giants’ fans didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Patriots’s fans had dreamt of this moment that elevated Tom Brady to best ever QB status.

With 57 seconds left the Giants’ defense swarmed all over Tom Brady forcing him into a pass that was incomplete, then one that was dropped and then finally a long hail mary throw into the Giants end zone.

As players from both sides went up like it was a rugby line out the ball dropped to the floor and with the clock stood at 00.00 the Giants became Superbowl champions for the second time in five years.

Most, including me, had expected an extravaganza with two great offenses, two statistically challenged defenses and the ball moving faster under a roof but it wasn’t like that at all.

The game moved slowly but with both Manning and Brady on point and only one turnover it was left to the self-evidently more prudent television adverts to cause the only breaks in play.

In fact Madonna provided the only real colour and dazzle to the evening at half-time, the little temptress strutting around in a pair of thigh length boots.

Madonna called for World Peace, we over more beers and fried food just called for a little more excitement but my did we get it.

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