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Santa in Atlanta

A weekend in Atlanta is in store for me, the other half and little ‘un as we travel tomorrow afternoon from Bermuda to the furthest west a direct flight will take us. Flight time to Atlanta from here is 3 hrs, 35 mins.

For such a remote island, daily you can fly from Bermuda to New York, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto in North America and these are added to in the summer months with a seasonal service to Baltimore, Halifax, Charlotte and Washington DC. Ten different airlines fly in and out of Bermuda including British Airways and the basket case that is becoming American Airlines.

Anyway Delta will transport us to the world’s busiest airport and we will stay on one of 71 roads named Peachtree with my favourite hotel group.

The idea of the getaway weekend is to get us some Christmas cheer and some shopping bargains. Bermuda with the sun out and it’s palm trees doesn’t lend itself to Christmas particularly well, so we plan on paying Santa a visit plus the ‘Pink Pig’ and have a whirl around the Stone Mountain Christmas Village. Add in a little Glühwein and a sausage roll and we have the makings of a special family weekend.

I have to admit I don’t really need to get in the Christmas spirit as I am already looking forward to it (we will spend Christmas back in the UK again this year) and we’ve already had the tree up in our house for over 2 weeks! Yes, a little premature I know but I did ban the Christmas Carol album until the start of this month.

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