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El-Hadji Diouf takes his spittoon to Doncaster

El-Hadji Diouf will take his spittal to the circus that is fast becoming Doncaster Rovers. The South Yorkshire team have performed miracles to stay in the English 2nd tier, especially under Sean O’Driscoll, who was sacked when he refused to buy into his chairman’s new transfer vision.

Donny chairman John Ryan’s transfer policy includes getting in bed with agent Willie McKay, who has promised a generation game type of conveyor belt stuffed with out of work footballers and probably the odd teasmade and cuddly toy.

Already Pascal Chimbonda, Herita Ilunga and Chris Kirkland have dusted off their A-Z of English football clubs and found Doncaster on the map as Dean Saunders (like a puppet with a hand up his bottom) keeps a straight face and is told what to say.

The deal that McKay has struck is said to involve very little in wage expenditure and also a sell-on fee if the player is moved on to a (bigger) club whilst on loan or on a short-term contract at the Keepmoat. Saunders used the example thus:

“Let’s say, for example, we take a player from Marseille who’s looking to get in the Premiership. He will play for us in the ‘shop window’ and (if sold) we will get a percentage of his transfer fee. While he is here, we are not paying much of his wages and if that player is sold for £3m, we might get 40 per cent of the transfer fee.”

The FA have approved Doncaster’s 2-year arrangement so it is all above board and McKay, who lives around the corner from the ground is said to be paid £100-a-week for his services. McKay also has his 14-year old twin son’s in Rovers academy.  

We, at Charlton, have had more than our fair share of football mercenaries in recent years, including a client of McKay’s Amdy Faye, and it is finally a joy to see young committed players mostly on longer term deals play in the red shirt.

Maybe it will work for Doncaster and John Ryan will see improved gates and Donny will survive amongst the big boys in the Championship, where one look at the table will tell you that more than ever it has become a Premiership B league.

With Real Madrid’s Mahamadou Diarra apparently next in line to join McKay and Ryan’s circus, hopefully for their supporters it will end more Cirque du Soleil than Ringlings!

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  1. What a crazy situation. ” we will get a percentage of the transfer fee ” maybe but you can bet your bottom dollar that McKay will be getting more than the alleged £100 per week.
    Of course they won’t get anything like the 40 per cent Saunders alludes to.
    As ever the FA thinks all this is ok. Amazing what they rubber stamp and what they don’t. Never mind sorting out John Terry and his spat with Ferdinand……how long does it take to sort that out !
    For Saunders there’s no chance of building team spirit let alone a team. Imagine consistently losing your place to some mercenary who stays for a month and then is off. No doubt Jimmy Floyd will turn up there soon. For me he eptomised the worst of the greedy footballers that we had in our Premiership days.
    Clearly it won’t work and more fool Saunders if he’s prepared to work for Ryan and accept all that.
    Diouf is a disgrace and decent Donny fans will no doubt feel how I did when we signed Thatcher.

    October 31, 2011
  2. Hungry Ted #

    Makes you feel lucky you’re not a Donny fan, eh? By coincidence, my Mum’s cousin is, so between us we keep one eye on the Donny’s results as she does for the Addicks. She’s a home & away fan, but is rapidly falling into that state of constant depression that we know so well. It seems the soul is being ripped out of that club as the priorities are being compromised.

    I’d like to trade my wage for his version of £100 per week, that’s for sure.

    November 1, 2011

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