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Leaving Las Vegas

Three prophesied days of fun and frolics in Las Vegas then. Eating, drinking, gambling, a Cirque du Soleil show, shopping and I even managed to throw in a work’s conference as well. The next stop is Chicago, a city that I hold very dear in my heart.

I do like Vegas and if you have never been, it really is somewhere that should appear on your bucket list. A few nights is enough though, for me anyway, because sleeping doesn’t appear high up on the list of things to do and my candle is severely charred at both ends!

Another book you won’t find in Vegas is a’things to do guide’ for 22-month old children, but we managed the keep the little ‘un occupied taking her on a gondola ride at The Venetian, and showing her the various animals that live in the gargantuan hotels. Our’s and her favourite being the captivating white tigers and bottle nosed dolphins in the secret gardens of The Mirage.

Talking of hotels, our nightly rate at the overtly service-conscious Mandarin Oriental was just over £100, which was only about £40 more than the shoddy accommodation we stayed at in Magaluf last weekend, although the smell of vomit was included!

We have a week in Chicago and it is pure play time as we catch up with people and do the tourist thing in the city. We were out last night for dinner with friends and it is with them that we are with now, at their new house on the Lake, and then this afternoon we are attending a friends wedding in the illustrious Drake Hotel and will spend the rest of the week at the Fairmont downtown.

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