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I told Johnnie Jackson via Twitter tonight to save some room in the trophy cabinet after he lifted the inaugural People’s Cup, instigated by the noisy 150 Den Bosch fans in the stadium.

I’m not one for friendlies but I was keen to read opinions of tonight’s only home pre-season game and I was looking for style and substance over most anything else. Pleasingly the reports were commendatory with the midfield pair of Hollands and Stephens receiving a lot of plaudits as did Green, who unfortunately will miss the Bournemouth game due to suspension. BWP scored a neat lob and by all accounts the Dutch side were no mugs and played a pleasing passing game as did we.

This is Powell’s team and I’m excited but I still think we are short in depth, although in saying that tonight’s 7-man bench (it is back to 5 for this season’s league) looked useful we need some more variety up front, this despite Paul Benson’s about turn.

Personally I’m glad Benno is staying and at his age he is right to want the longest contract possible (County would offer no longer than 2 years and he wanted 3), but he is prepared to take his chances with Powell’s revolution and with the added bonus of Danny Green I think we should be pleased to have him.

Mind you Alan McCormack didn’t receive even a cursory wave as his contract was cancelled. The Essex boy signed for Swindon yesterday and he’ll find that daily drive a little bit more troubling than his current car school. You know, he wasn’t good enough and it was another jolt in the ribs as to how far we’ve fallen but I certainly wish him no harm.

He apparently upset many Charlton fans when he tweeted that he was off to the Oxo Tower for dinner with his missus, on her birthday, after another dismal home defeat. It didn’t bother me it’s just he needed to know his audience.

Anyway I heard this week that there will be 2 more signings, maybe 3 if Francis does go to Bournemouth. I’m unaware if this includes Andersen or Jason Euell but current names doing the rounds are Leicester’s German youngster Jeffrey Schlupp, which might have some legs and Grezgorz Rasiak.

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