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The Plaza Café

Not content with discovering good coffee at the Tribe Road Kitchen last week, this week I came across a good lunch spot in Hamilton.

The Plaza Café is tucked away upstairs in what is called the Walker Arcade between Reid and Front Street’s and used to be a very third rate coffee shop.

Upon research the Plaza Café got renovated by the owners at the back end of last year and I normally have no reason to venture near it, so when I did stroll past earlier in the week it was a pleasant surprise to look in it’s window at the very sleek interior.

Egyptian native Amre Omar has brought a Middle Eastern touch to the food offerings with some excellent salads and vegetarian dishes. Somewhat confusingly there is also a noodle menu, which in fact looked quite appetising and also a sushi chef. I have no idea why Bermudian restaurant owners insist on bombarding people’s taste buds with a jumble of food offerings, but maddeningly they nearly all do.

Anyway the salad was good and I loved the hot cupboard of beautifully smelling bread. They promote local artists in the café as well and I will be going back.

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