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Fatally wounded by Daggers?

Dagenham & Redbridge 2 Charlton Athletic 1
Another horrible performance from the Addicks today. Paul Benson failed a late fitness test and was replaced as match summariser by the helplessly optimistic Liam Happe but it was desperate listening and the 1,156 Addicks in the away end voiced their opinions loudly at the end of each half and particularly when Wagstaff, seemingly our best player, was replaced by Reid just after the hour when we were already two-down.

There is a view that Chris Powell should be given time to build his own team, and I understand that. There is also a notion that we should write this season off, Peter Varney has allegedly already said as much. Powell denied that tonight but the players have clearly given up the ghost and by their lack of effort look to have given up on Powell. Question is should we?

Powell should stay but I’m nervously looking at the teams below us with a really difficult set of games to come starting Tuesday.

The trouble (not that there is just one) is that the coaching quartet of Matthew, Peacock, Dyer and Powell are floundering in a void of inexperience and they look to have no answers. Team selections and substitutions don’t show any courage and sadly press conferences are becoming more and more forlorn. Remember Michael Slater is also new to owning a football club and even running a big business if I remember his CV correctly.

We need a spark, we need the bloody players to give a toss, we need some inspiration from somewhere because I fail to see how this group of players are rapidly becoming the worst ever Charlton team since the 1920’s. 

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it read Addick and author Charlie Connelly’s perspective here.

Loyal Addicks at Victoria Road: From the Hill To The Valley; Charlton Lifers; Doctor Kish; Charlton Casual;
CA fact: Our lowest post war (I not II) league finish was 14th in 1973/74.

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  1. Chris #

    That Charlie Connelly article.. Someone pin that to the dressing room wall for fucks sake..

    March 19, 2011
    • Kim Lewis #

      I couldn’t agree more a fantastic piece on why we support and love Charlton

      March 20, 2011

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