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Paco Peña Flamenco

Watching The Oscars has reminded me of something cultured I did last week. On Wednesday night we were invited to a flamenco show in Hamilton’s City Hall by Andulasian master Paco Peña as part of the Bermudian Festival.

I have never experienced a true live flamenco before, and after expecting to be able to catch up on a little sleep, I was instead in awe of the deceptively simplistic music and movement. How nine people on a plain stage could produce such drama and itensity was pretty clever.

The show lasted two hours and there was very little time for a breather. The group comprised of two rather sweaty but graceful male dancers and one female complete with a number of costume changes and the most wiggly arm movements you’ll ever see. They were joined by two singers, one man and one woman. The latter’s voice so climactic that despite singing in a foreign tongue she had me hanging on her every word plus an excitable percussionist and three skilled guitarists, including the flamenco guitar masterly played by Paco Peña himself.

To me flamenco was a cross between tap, ballet and tango. Sultry, dramatic, graceful with a background of non-stop foot-tapping and crescendoes of clapping. I was impressed and I’d love to witness it close up in a Sevillan bar.

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