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I found myself back in the UK today as I attempt to sort some unexpected family stuff out this weekend. By rights I should be in Nashville at a Superbowl weekend with some mates but my hand was forced into bagging that because on the back of being out of the office at a conference in Fort Lauderdale most of this week, I then had a client coming to Bermuda on Monday to specifically see me. Now I won’t be there as I don’t fly back to Bermuda until Tuesday. That was tricky phone call let me tell you.

As far as Charlton is concerned I have once again planned my trip home badly (not that it was planned), as Yeovil tomorrow is just too much of a hike. However I will be back for the Exeter game in a couple of weeks when my son is a mascot.

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  1. Su #

    Hope your son has fun being a mascot…and Dad too!!

    February 6, 2011

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