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Paula Cox to be Bermuda’s new Premier

Last night in Bermuda Paula Cox was voted in by fellow Progressive Labour Party (PLP) members as the countries new Premier and will take the place of Dr Ewart Brown, who is stepping down after an eventful four years. I will write more on Brown when I get a minute.

Cox is currently Deputy Premier and her winning was about as predictable as the rabbit winning a greyhound race. Cox strolled to victory with 124 votes with Terry Lister 39 and Dale Butler collecting a rather embarrassing 2. Derrick Burgess was voted in as Cox’s new Deputy narrowly defeating Lister.

Paula Cox ran a low-key, organised and meticulous campaign, which I would say sums up her personality. Some would argue that she is more suited to a management role than that of a leader, but after Brown a bit of stability and less drama is probably what is required. Mind you as Finance Minister Cox is hardly blameless when it comes to the island’s debt now exceeding $1bn.

I personally felt Terry Lister had more appeal, but I can’t vote so can only hope like the rest of us that Cox is strong enough to steady what is becoming a more and more precarious and erratic ship.

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