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Off Wednesday for Wednesday

I leave Bermuda tonight for Gatwick and on Saturday my son and I will be at The Valley for the Sheffield Wednesday game. In my 7 years in exile I don’t think I have left it this late in the season to see a game in the flesh but after Carlisle I will at least be approaching the game in a more moderate state of mind. After seeing both Curbs and Pardew’s last game I was anticipating I might witness Parky’s last as well but that now seems unlikely.

Form has had no place in Division 3 this season but Wednesday have been on a nice run (no defeats in 6). All I ask of us is that we attempt to play for the full 90 minutes and that the 300 or so who travelled to Brunton Park rub a bit of their euphoria on those that didn’t.

The rest of the week I will spend with my son in East Sussex, who made me and his Mum so proud last week by passing his 11+ exams. The school system in Kent propagates unbelievable stress at just 10-years old but he was a picture of calm leading up to the exams in early September and his pass means that he can get accepted into one of the counties grammar schools, which we need to choose soon for a start next September.

Whatever one’s thoughts on the Kent Test or the 11+ it exists, and therefore so does the opportunity to get the very best education for your child. It’s a simple philosphy and I will be cuddling him a little bit more than usual this week.

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  1. Congrats to your son CA. I remember taking it all those years ago but sadly didn’t pass.
    Hopefully your visit will bring us some good fortune…we need it !
    Enjoy East Sussex a very nice part of the world.

    October 27, 2010
  2. Hope you have a safe journey across the pond and enjoy your time here. It’ll be interesting to see the fans’ response to Parky after the win last weekend.

    My eldest went through the whole 11+ thing last year and also (thankfully) passed. Don’t know if it’s the same where your son is but there’s a massive “snobbery” about it in Bucks. People were tutoring their children for years ahead of the tests – absolutely crazy and totally unfair to put so much pressure on the kids.

    October 27, 2010
  3. Dave #

    CA – shows how things move on. I can’t remember taking it and certainly wasn’t aware of the significance of it at the time. I do remember being asked to go and see the Headmaster and being told I had passed and had the chance of a place at a grammar school. Mum was pleased at the time! All it meant to me was I couldn’t play football and I said goodbye to all my mates – Dave.

    October 27, 2010
  4. Congratulations to CA Jnr. I suspect he has little concept of just how big a deal it is, and what a massive difference it will make to his life.

    Thankfully his parents were aware and had the foresight to put him through what is probably a lot less stressful for him than it was for you.

    From what I read and hear the grammar schools in Kent are amongst the best in the country. Coming from a decent area (I was bound to say that) and with a decent education the only thing missing is supporting a ‘decent’ football team.

    Oh well, I guess none of us can have everything. 😉

    October 27, 2010
  5. Scott #

    Congratulations to CA Jr. To be honest I haven’t any idea what this all means, but I believe you feel like we did a few weeks ago when my son got his ACT scores back. Massive relief and pride. Move on to the next level, then.

    October 30, 2010

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