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Reid all about it

MK Dons 1 Charlton Athletic 2
Forgive me but I don’t get to watch my team much. So when I get the opportunity to see them live, not least witness them win in the final minutes, I can get a bit over-excited.

When Waggy ran into the arms of joyous Addicks after getting the winner last night I couldn’t have cared less if it was the paint pot, the tea pot or the piss pot trophy. A win is a win and it is worth celebrating…. and I did last night by the way but that is another story.

Mind you the first half was mostly forgettable particularly after giving MK a goal start within two minutes but we worked our way back into the match before the break but without ever looking like scoring.

The second period was different though with Reid a threat throughout, and the ball at last travelling along the ground to feet. When we do that we look so much a better side.

Abbott and Martin worked hard upfront and in Fortune and Dailly we may have found the most mobile and solid pairing at centre-half. Francis improved as well and Semedo admirably swept up in front of them as always.

But what a couple of absolutely cracking crosses from Reid for each of the goals. It seems so simple to me. If we can get the ball out wide to Reid, Wagstaff, Martin or Jackson we can really undo teams with a combination of pace and accuracy. Then surely we will see the very best of Benson, Abbott and Sodje, each of whom thrive on crosses.

Anyway credit to Parky for putting out a decent team and for what must have been a galvanising half-time team talk. And finally to each of the 200 or so Addicks at Franchise Stadium last night – your blind faith deserved Waggy’s winner and celebration.

Addicks at stadium:mk: Doctor Kish; Another Dean.
CA fact:
Kyel Reid has set up our last four goals.

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  1. anotherdean #

    Was a delight to actually be in attendance last night. Living some 100 miles from the Valley I don’t get that opportunity very often (still no excuse compared to your 3000 mile separation, I know!) whereas I work in MK so to miss it could have been considered sinful.

    First half was painful to watch. I’d taken my 11 yr old son with me to see “Dad’s team” play and to see the MK goal go in was awful. After that the game seemed quite open but Charlton just didn’t seem to be able to string more than 2 passes together for quite a while and the midfield appeared to be asleep so we reverted to primary school “welly it up front and hope someone’s there” tactics.

    The second half was like a different team came on. We were suddenly confident, making passes, runs up the wing. I can’t express how well Reid was doing on the left – the two crosses that got us the goals were sublime.

    Abbott’s goal literally set the CAFC crowd alight. It was as though we knew we’d win after that. Everyone relaxed, the singing volume was notched up several levels and we were watching a team that were playing. The stadium is huge, far to big for MK at their current level, but it amplifies shouts and songs brilliantly.

    As for Wagstaff’s 85th minute goal, well that was exceptional timing. Me and my son were sitting in the 3rd row, just back from the melee of supporters who rushed the front. Brilliant scene. Definitely a moment to remember. Maybe just enough to wean him off Chelsea… (don’t ask).

    October 6, 2010
    • I took my son to Southampton for one of his first ever away trips a few years back. Iwelumo scored the winner in the last minute into the away end.

      Iwelumo and the rest of the team all ran to the away section and were mobbed by fans. In fact one or two actually jumped into the seats.

      It was a fanatstic moment and my son still talks about it. Any remaining doubts he had up until then about supporting Charlton were washed away.

      That kind of experience does not happen watching Chelsea or Man U on Sky Sports.

      October 6, 2010

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