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Travelogue: Stowe, Vermont

At the moment Vermont is wrapped in snow, but it is the green mountains that give this American state it’s name – from the French verts monts. Many ski regions don’t have much to offer in the summer, just sullen and abandoned mountains, but not Vermont. It’s mountains lure many summer vacationers to come and explore hiking paths that run throughout the entire 160 mile-length of the state.

Vermont is normally classified as New England, and it is the only state in the region that has no access to the ocean, but it would be some kind of heaven if there were golden beaches and waves as well as it’s serene countryside, dramatic mountains, see-through streams and little towns each conspicious with their own church steeple and clapboard houses.

We drove down from Montreal to Stowe, which was about two and a half hours. Before we set off I’d downloaded some picturesque drives that we could deviate onto, so to get to see some of the renowned Vermont countryside I had heard about, but there was no need because all roads were basked by beauty.

We passed lots of small farms keeping such secrets as wine, cheese, maple syrup and apples. We toyed with stopping at one of the small towns alongside Lake Champlain but didn’t but did eventually succumb to the Boyden Valley Winery, about 40 miles before Stowe on Route 104. We were welcomed like old friends and ate cheese, and drunk all they had to offer, but we particularly liked their desert wine and bought a bottle of Vermont Ice Wine, which we polished off later in the holiday.

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