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Travelogue: Montreal

The first thing to note about Montreal is that it’s the 3rd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris and less obviously Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It seems virtually everyone speaks French but gladly for us L’Anglais most are more than happy to join you in the English tongue, unlike their cousins across the Channel.

The struggle between French and English has been a constant theme throughout Montreal’s history. The French flag was first planted here in 1603. Then the British and French fought over this land but as British loyalists flooded over the border from America both Quebec City and Montreal fell to the British in the 1760’s. The French and Brits lived together but anger and warring was never far from the surface.

Despite this Montreal flourished as a city. The world wars had no obvious effect on Montreal or Quebec as it grew monumentally both economically and by population. By the 1950’s over 1 million people lived here as the Francophiles continued on with their lives regardless and in 1976 Montreal hosted the summer Olympics.

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