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Just back from a little trip to Florida, a couple of days in Miami followed a couple in Fort Lauderdale, just 40 minutes north along the coast, and a place I hadn’t been for 13 years. It had changed significantly, and grown like a sunflower.

Neighbouring towns of Hollywood and Oakwood Park have been engulfed by Fort Lauderdale’s expansion. Once a renowned centre for spring-breakers’ high jinks the dive bar and burger joints had all but disappeared and have been replaced by boutique hotels, upscale apartment buildings and a burgeoning restaurant scene.

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Insane day of sport

The best day on the couch. Ever!

A severe case of RSI tonight flicking between channels like a mad person as both the ICC World Cup Cricket Final and the Wimbledon Men’s Final concluded within minutes of each other.

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Cup Match thrashing

Bermuda has just come off a four day weekend as the island celebrated Cup Match, a cricket match between what is considered the best players from the east (St Georges) and the island’s west end (Somerset). More officially the two day match is known on Thursday as Emancipation Day, marking the freedom of Bermuda’s slaves, and Friday is Somers Day, named in honour of Bermuda’s founder, Sir George. The second day was only granted a public holiday in 1999, 52 years after the Thursday was officially recognised – largely due to the massive popularity of the game and also the fact that no one actually showed up for work.

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Cup Match special

Two days off work as Bermuda grinds to a halt for a cricket match. Somerset, in the west of the island host their east end rivals St Georges in the 114th annual two day, two innings, Cup Match Classic. I don’t know many other countries that shut down for a cricket match but no one is complaining as people either head for the sweaty confines of Somerset Cricket Club (photo) to drink, gamble and party (the cricket is a bit of a side show), or laze around someone’s pool drinking, take a boat out on the water and drink, camp around the island, drinking, or disappear of the island on holiday. Which probably, if you are me, involves drinking. Please don’t judge.
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Cup Match Special

After four years of rain affected lethargy, today’s Bermuda Cup Match ended in excitement as Somerset, who had batted like the blind school yesterday, fought back courageously to make a real fist of it and nearly snatched the trophy from St George’s for the first time since 2002.

My son and I were at the Wellington Oval today down at the east end of the island in St George’s to watch the annual proceedings and jolly good fun it was too. It is hard to describe the atmosphere except it’s about as far removed from a Lords test that you can imagine.

The locals dress to impress, well I am sure they impressed someone, the rum and beer flows and wannabe DJ’s compete with each other ten feet apart. The local scaffolding companies make a killing as that is pretty much what everyone is standing and sitting on and I hope, I really hope, they have ruddy good liability insurance.
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Record breakers

Andrew Strauss and the English cricket team hold aloft the small crystal urn and dance on the grave of Australian cricket in their own back yard.