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Where dreams come true

After a fantastic week in Belize and Guatemala we are now in Orlando, kicking ourselves that we didn’t do this part of the holiday first as suddenly my daughter has forgotten all about riding horses, Mayan temples, tubing on lakes, feeding tapirs, watching toucans, being licked by a jaguar and listening to howler monkeys and is now all wrapped up in Mickey and Minnie!

The difference between reality and fantasy at her age is hard to dispel, but attempting to instill an appreciation of a broad range of experiences is something we are both keen, and mostly lucky to be able, to do.

We have a couple of Disney park trips planned whilst we are here of course, but we also plan on heading out to Florida’s west coast for a day or two, an area I have not visited for over 20 years.

Add in some nice restaurants, the Blue Man Group and my birthday, plus one of my favourite hotels to relax in and it should be a great week.

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