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2014 Top Five Favourite Hotels

With Charlton dominating an eventful January and already early February on my Blog, and rightly so, My 2014 Top 5’s have got pushed out, but I’m going to finish with one more, a subject close to my heart, hotels.

Future Grandchildren – when I am old put me in a plush hotel not an expensive nursing home, and I’ll let you visit.

Here are My 2014 Top 5 Favourite Hotels:

1) Four Seasons, Orlando
Brand new stunning oasis in the middle of the world of Mickey and Minnie. Beautiful inside and out with no obvious signs that Disney World is just around the corner. Great pools, great restaurants, great time.

Website: Four Seasons, Orlando

2) Four Seasons, Scottsdale, Arizona
Four Seasons again. This one we visited on a long weekend break last April. Beautifully situated amongst Arizona’s dramatic landscape. The service was top notch and the pools and grounds were sedate, and the restaurant offerings were excellent.

Website: Four Seasons, Scottsdale

3) St Regis, Mexico City
New contemporary technically advanced hotel situated perfectly in this huge and exciting city with breathtaking views, especially from the 15 floors high up swimming pool.

Website: St Regis, Mexico City

4) Andaz Wall Street, New York City, New York
I was here a couple of times last year. Our office is up the street. It is reasonable (for NYC), convenient and cool.

Website: Andaz Wall St

5) Bloc Hotel, Gatwick Airport
This was a good find. Literally 10 seconds from the South Terminal with all of the aiport’s facilities available. Comfy bed, interesting view of the runway, wet shower room and a flat screen TV that I watched a couple of World Cup games on in June.

Website: Bloc Hotel

My 2014 Top 5’s: Favourite Albums; TV Shows; Favourite Places; Restaurants.

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