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Costa Rica

Back from Chicago, a change of clothes and back to the airport on Thursday for a trip to Costa Rica. Never been before and we have been looking forward to this since we booked it a couple of months back.

To break the trip up and because of flight connections we are sandwiching Costa Rica between two stops in Florida’s sweltering heat. Coral Gables for a day going out and three nights further up the coast in Palm Beach on the way back.

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America but it packs a big punch with it’s rugged backbone of volcanoes, 800 miles of coastline, many national parks and rich variety of wildlife.

We are staying in the north-west corner of the country on the Papagayo Peninsula. This part of the Pacific coast is abundantly green and stocked full of wildlife including the revered howler monkeys (photo). We are there for a week, and this is primarily a do-nothing-and-hang-out-in-the-hotel-holiday, but I would like us to do a few short trips to explore the greater Guanacaste Province.

There are a couple of National Parks near-ish. The Palo Verde has the Tempisque River where crocodiles, monkeys and iguanas make their home. My daughter would love that, heck so would I.

The Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park is more bubbling mud pots and steaming sulfur pools but it sounds like mosquito hats are the order of the day, so we may give that a swerve.

Sadly I think the drive into Nicaragua is probably beyond us, mostly because we would have to take the bus as you can’t take a rental car across the border. The city of Granada and it’s colonial architecture about 3 hours away from where we are staying. Not fair on my daughter and a country for another day.

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  1. You will love Costa Rica. Its very quirky, though the roads were pretty crap when we were there about 7 years ago. Have you been to Belize yet? I am pretty sure you would love it, though Belize City is a bit of a dodgy place. You asked me sometime ago what brought me to Batavia, Illinois. I apologise for not replying earlier. When I retired from London’s Metropolitan Police, I took up leading walking holidays in France. Whilst there I met Michelle a US citizen and as they say the rest is history.By the way I really enjoy your blog.

    July 31, 2012
  2. Gerald, many thanks for your comment. I have never been to Belize and we looked at it for this trip but wanted to avoid the Atlantic coast. Really looking forward to seeing Costa Rica.

    July 31, 2012

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