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F**king Olympic tickets part #2

The greatest show on earth is quickly becoming the most shambolic!

I set my alarm for 1am yesterday morning (after a night out here in New York with New York Addick) so I could jump online and attempt to get a few Olympic tickets at the second time of asking. The whole ticketing process is farcical and although I eventually managed to apply for a couple of events I am rapidly thinking that we’ll just bin the whole idea and follow it on the telly.

I was on the 2012 Tickets website not long after the 2nd ballot window opened and already many events that were supposed to have tickets available were coming up as sold out. The system was really slow and although I had tickets in my ‘checkout basket’ for hockey, handball and basketball, once I pressed submit the page came up with an error message, which then cleared my ‘basket’ leaving me to start again. At 2am in the morning the hotel room’s air was blue.

Eventually I was just able to apply for a couple of volleyball tickets and a couple of men’s football semi-final ticket’s which were extortionately expensive. Of course I still don’t know that my application was successful which is pathetic.

We really wanted to be able to watch one of Olympic Park events and now I suppose I’ll have to have another go at the resale stage, that’s if I can be bothered.

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