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Kicking the can down the road

It’s all a little bit of a despairing side show at the moment, but today the board of directors, at least those listed currently, namely Tahnoon Nimer, Claudiu Florica and Marian Mihail, issued a statement on the Official Site. A novel idea over the recent tiresome social media rants.

The club has been fast tracked it’s next EFL payment due to the current suspension of the season, and on face value the owners stating that they are not attempting to sell the club and are making an investment is a positive I think.

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Social media spats continue

First of all, and importantly, how are we all doing?

We all have a lot to think and worry about and depending on your frame of mind the childish social media spats between Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer have either been a welcome comedy gold distraction or a distasteful embarrassing side-show, especially when the world is going through so much torment.

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Games suspended for 3 weeks

Unprecedented but not unexpected the Premier League and EFL have suspended all football down to the National League until April 3rd.. at the earliest.

Selfishly with all that has gone on with us this week, allowing the players to take a breather and the club to settle down a bit is much welcome, although I don’t mean to downplay the severity of the Coronavirus situation.

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Chris Parkes suspended

Matt Southall’s public relations machine looks like juddering to a halt, unlike he and his pals’ Range Rovers.

Confirmation that long-time club secretary Chris Parkes has been suspended by Southall, pending an investigation. Parkes, one would assume was behind conversations with Tahnoon Nimer and the EFL as to what is actually going on at the club under Southall’s leadership.

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Roly says: Get a move on

We had a hunch that the old man would crank open his laptop and compose one of his special emails. His disappointment this time was not directed at Addicks but to another old foe, the EFL. Oh Roly, it would have been so much easier if they’d had bought us when you told them to.

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Liar Meire charged

It looks as if the lying, the incompetence, and sheer spitefulness has finally caught up with Katrien Meire.

Our ex-CEO left a similar role at Sheffield Wednesday in February, and is now back in Belgium as COO at Club Brugge, but her past is catching up with her and yesterday she was charged with misconduct by the EFL alongside Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri and CFO John Redgate.

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Heartbreaking to watch Bury league expulsion

Bury’s demise and late last night, expulsion from the EFL, was both painful and deeply upsetting to watch. For any football fan who respects the wider panoramic of what it really means to support a team beyond that of being sat in front of the television cheering on multi-millionaires wearing a stupid half and half scarf, will all be hurting this morning. Those desperate Bury fans will feel total helplessness and anger.

All football fans should feel angry, particularly those of smaller community clubs that become projects or playthings for the rich, or often not really rich at all. Those egos that within a quick fire few months can mismanage the running of a business to complete disaster, and seemingly not give a toss.

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Hemed update: No update

Hello, anyone at home? The FA have passed the Tomer Hemed transfer decision onto the brains trust of the EFL, which may explain just about everything. Roland has probably asked them to buy him.

It’s a week today since Brighton and Charlton attempted to rush through the permanent move of Hemed, and still we wait on an answer to whether the transfer can go through, or not. A simple yes or no, but nothing is simple at those renowned decision makers, the EFL.

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Tangerine dreams

A wonderful day for Blackpool supporters yesterday. Four times the normal gate at Bloomfield Road as thousands and thousands of stay away fans ended their long excruciating and often depressing boycott.

A toxic owner / supporter relationship, which we know so much about began to come to an end when a High Court ruling in the middle of February put the football club into receivership, meaning that Owen Oyston had to pay former director Valeri Belokon the £25m he was owed.

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Fresh takeover bid

According to The Standard.

A former banker with experience of top level football has made a £30million bid to Roland Duchatelet to buy the club including The Valley and Sparrows Lane. Proof of funds have been supplied and the bid is lodged and sources say this proposition is much more substantial than the Australian consortium and all the other bids that Lievan de Turck has talked about.

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Another wow moment

As sure as night follows day, you prod the old yellow-teethed loon and sure enough he reacts. On Tuesday after his property was daubed with graffiti he called into TalkSport and after getting put back in his box by Simon Jordan, he yesterday reverted back to his favourite tool of one-way communication and wrote another mind-boggling statement himself on the club’s website.

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Productive meeting

The Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST) had what they said was a productive meeting with the EFL on Wednesday night. CEO of the EFL Shaun Harvey (photo) plus John Nagle, who has the title Head of Policy and PR head Mark Rowan met the Trust board, and the key points are here.

Harvey admitted that he had met with Roland Duchatelet in Brussels, and plans to meet CAFC staff, who have spoken out about not getting paid their bonuses and with CARD.

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Addicks and Blackpool fans join forces

Charlton and our friends from Blackpool joined forces today to protest against not just our irresponsible owners, but the many others, outside the EFL offices in west London today. Meanwhile northern based Addicks and a large contingent of Blackpool fans gathered outside the EFL HQ in Preston and loudly made their presence known.

The protests were heavily picked up by the national media as well as Sky Sports and a large crowd made their feelings loud and clear. Two Addicks got to meet EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey, and after, one of them Alan Davis, said that Harvey confirmed the delay in the ‘Australian takeover’ is not as a result of any lack of process of documentation at the EFL. This the reason that Duchatelet, de Turck and Murray have all publicly stated as the reason any takeover has not yet happened.

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{…} Strikes again

Dear Tom, I am sure you are a bright fellow. Ambitious, resourceful and proud. But tomorrow morning take a long good look at yourself in the mirror.

Tuesday, and Lievan de Turck, a Roland apologist with no affiliation or official connection to Charlton whatsoever, rocks up to SE7 with a scrappy piece of paper handwritten in Flemish. Ollie Groome makes a quick back exit for the Valley Cafe. Tom does what he is told. Mel Baroni doesn’t even show Charlton on her resume, take a note Tom, and not one of these {…}.

Read it. What an earth does it say? It’s an embarrassment.

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Shrimps on the pitch

I know some people don’t get the protests and there is still a small camp that think CARD are purely trouble makers and throwing things on the pitch is a childish waste of time. However the latest crisps stunt last Saturday reached an extraordinary amount of press and media outlets here and in Belgium, and gave our adversity a huge audience. Yes, throwing a crisp packet, or a pig, or a taxi onto a pitch will not singularly see the club sold, but it raises awareness, and will rattle that old bastard like nothing else.

Heck even the EFL woke from it’s slumber. “Following a number of discussions dating back a number of weeks, the EFL plans to meet with both Charlton Athletic and the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust to gain a full understanding of the current situation that surrounds the club.”

Vitally, this media antagonism of Duchatelet knocks him sideways. It’s the only thing that brings him out of his bunker and he hates it. The Belgian press have also jumped on the bandwagon this week after the crisp protest and Trump-like (come on there is a likeness) he took a swipe at the “unscrupulous media” and of course neither his employees nor us customers have a clue about what happens at the club. This from a man who last watched a Charlton game in 2014.

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