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Lip service

Cynicism comes easy when you have been a Charlton supporter for 40 years and sadly I read this morning’s announcement of a planned meeting with fan’s representatives through a lens of mistrust. No sign of his lordship getting on the Eurostar of course, but I am sure he will send his apologies with a message to like it or lump it. 

It seems strange to me that the CEO continues to avoid direct communication with the Supporter’s Trust. I know it doesn’t represent everybody, but what would? But it is the largest organised group of supporters  that has over 1,000 paid up members. It will contain a broad mix of supporters and includes many bright minds that can only contribute to the future well being of the club.
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Thoughts post CAST meeting

I heard a lot of good things about last night. The fan’s meeting was expertly arranged by CAST and it sounded constructive and, importantly, respectful, with the overriding agreement from those present that we need much more engagement from the owner.

My hope was that a plan of intention was scoped out by the end, but that was probably asking for too much, and I support the view that we need to be ready for the long game by being organized, smart, rational and lucid. We also need to separate results from fan actions and back Luzon and the team.

I won’t dwell on the meeting because I wasn’t there, but these people were – Dave, Kyle, Blackheath and Ted. Video’s of the opening speeches are on VOTV, including Rick Everitt’s impassioned address to the 400 or so that were at the Woolwich Grand Theatre, a very impressive number that tells it’s own story.
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Addicks fan’s public meeting to be held on Feb 18th

From the CAST website:

This meeting is intended to be an opportunity to bring together as many as possible of the various organisational, internet and publication elements of the Charlton family, as well as individual supporters, and to secure the widest possible mandate for any approach we jointly decide to adopt. We will also seek input via the CAS Trust website from those who cannot attend the meeting. Based on conclusions from the meeting, we plan to agree a unified and appropriate supporters’ response at the earliest opportunity.

The meeting will be held at The Woolwich Grand Theatre, 38 Wellington St, SE18 6PE on Wednesday 18th February at 7.30pm. The building is the old ABC cinema (which later became Flamingo’s night club). It is next to the Town Hall.
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Trust calls for fan’s public meeting

Following the rapidly worsening relationship and the continuing lack of any fan engagement by owner Roland Duchatelet and CEO Katrien Meire, the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST) have this evening issued the following statement:

“Further to the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST) statement of 14th January 2015, the CAST wrote to the club’s CEO Katrien Meire to follow up our offer to discuss the growing anxiety of supporters about the direction of the club, and how they might be better involved.

We have received a disappointing response. Whilst Ms Meire has suggested that we meet with a colleague to discuss what the club needs to do to maintain and grow the fanbase, she declined any dialogue on the vital matter of where the club is heading.

Her explanation – that she had nothing more to tell supporters regarding the direction of the club – reminds us of her words in the London Evening Standard, when she insisted that fans would just “need to accept” the owner’s way. We respectfully but strongly disagree with her. We continue to hear daily from supporters of a growing discontent at the inconsistency between the club’s words and actions, and a frustration with a lack of true engagement.
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