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Hurricane Matthew

A lot of people have asked me if Bermuda was impacted by Hurricane Matthew. It wasn’t, but the lesser scrutinized Tropical Storm Nicole will come over the island on Thursday and will give us plenty of rain and winds of 50mph. 

Matthew impacted me in that it meant a mate and I’s weekend in Miami had to be shelved as we couldn’t get there from Dallas in time to make it worthwhile. That’s more the annoying because Matthew’s track moved away from Miami and all they really got was a downpour. 
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Patrick Collins

I see that Addick Patrick Collins is going to retire on January 31st of next year. The Mail on Sunday journalist is 70 and plans to spend his last day working covering the Rotherham game at The Valley, if his boss allows him! (more)

Patrick, whose son Mick, is also a huge Charlton fan and a terrific writer, has worked at the Mail on Sunday since it was launched in 1982 and has covered 10 World Cups, the first being Argentina ’78, and every summer Olympics since 1972 apart from Montreal in 1976.
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Never forget where you came from, or at least last was. Today in Chicago the temperature sunk to -23C, a record for this day. An arctic chill blankets North America and cities around the country are expected to plunge to their lowest temperatures for 20 years.

Anyone that has visited Chicago will know how windy it can be. I used to say that it was windy all year round, it was only the temperature that would change. Today the ‘wind chill’ temperature out near the airport was -50C as a polar vortex delivered a large-scale freezing cyclone from the North Pole. Wind speeds were as much as 100mph.
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Jason Morgan MBE

Tonight something worthwhile and newsworthy amongst all of the rumour and conjecture going on around the club at the moment. Jason Morgan who founded the Charlton’s community initiative over 20 years ago has been awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List.

Jason began working for the club in 1992, the year we returned to The Valley and formed the Charlton Athletic Football in the Community Scheme. Jason has worked tirelessly and selflessly beginning with an idea and a bag of footballs to pioneering an organization that now employs 80 full-time staff and interacts with 10,000 young people every week and epitomizes everything that makes you proud to be a Charlton fan.
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Nelson Mandela RIP

“When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.” – Nelson Mandela

I life well lived.

James Herbert RIP

I was very sad to hear that the author James Herbert died today aged 69. Once I progressed from listless kids books I found James Herbert when I was probably as young as 11.

My Mum was so scared of mice and rats that she made me cover his first book The Rats in brown paper, thank god she never got to peer inside the pages because Herbert wrote in such a graphic and horrifying way that I couldn’t put it down. Certainly there was no point not finishing it before I went up to bed, because I’d never have slept anyway.
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Americans and their guns

America is a great country, I’ve lived there and I may live there again one day. Today 28 people were shot dead including 20 children, babies in fact at an elementary school in a prosperous town in Connecticut. Elsewhere in that great country today 84 people were killed by a gun, and more than twice that number have been injured. That is the daily average.
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Tie my kangaroo down

I picked a good night to go the Bermuda Rugby Classic. Every night this week it has pissed down and Wednesday the corporate tents were flooded out, but last night it was dry and warm as Canada took on Italy in the Plate semi-final and after the Lions played Australia in the main event.

Canada booked their place in the final with a close fought win over the Italians 10-7, and will play France in Saturday’s Plate final. In the later game the Lions gave a good account of themselves against a much stronger Wallabies side.
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Greater than the sum of our individual ambitions

It wasn’t close was it? Barack Obama was returned to office just after midnight on the east coast. Obama won 303 of the electorial votes and the President also won the popular vote perhaps eventually by as much as 3% once the final numbers are counted on the west coast. Florida not for the first time has yet to be decided but is leaning towards the Democrats.

Out of the 10 major swing states, Obama won 9 of them, if I include Florida. Romney did gather together a lot of the conservative support and I am sure won back supporters that the Republican’s lost to the Democrats in 2008, however I just get the impression that this will further divide the countries conservatives and for me they have all the early symptoms of the Labour Party in the 80’s.

America is moving on and whilst old grey-haired men poo poo abortion, gay rights, immigration, foreign allainces, climate change and rely on God’s way young people, Latino’s and women in particular are taking this great country in another direction.
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The US Election

I don’t actually think it’ll be that close tomorrow night. It suits the American media to talk up an Election too close to call but they don’t tell the whole story and mostly only the facts that their one-eyed audience wants to hear. As an aside I’m watching now from afar (650 miles across the pond) America becoming increasingly split. Split between the have and have-nots and very differing liberal and conservative thinking.
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Sandy – the aftermath

Almost a week after Sandy invaded New York and the entire Atlantic coastline of the United States, the impact is still being felt far and wide. Incredibly as many as 60 million people in 24 states were directly affected by what is now known as Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy. At the peak of the storm, the diameter of winds stretched 1,040 miles and extended 520 miles from the center of circulation making it one of the largest ever recorded.

To give you a further sense of the scale of Sandy’s consequence, it knocked out power to more than 8.5 million customers across the US, and 2.5 million still remain without electricity. The storm caused extensive damage to electrical grids, mobile phone towers and nine oil refineries. Over 20,000 flights were cancelled in 4 days including mine, swarths of the famous New York subway was flooded and the NYSE was closed for two days, the first time for weather since the Great Blizzard of 1888. Over 100 died in the US alone.
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Sandy extends our weekend

As I anticipated we never made it back to Bermuda tonight as our flight was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy passing Bermuda at it’s closest point around about our expected arrival time and American Airlines unsurprisingly were not prepared to run the gauntlet.

The good bad news is that the solitary daily flight from Miami to Bermuda tomorrow (if it goes) and Tuesday are fully booked, so we will have to slum it here in Palm Beach for another 3 days. I am having great difficulty convincing my 3-year old daughter that not every birthday entails a week in Florida!
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Mrs Kish

I too would like to add my condolences to Radostin Kishishev and his family following the loss of his wife Krasimira who died of cancer yesterday at the desperately young age of 38.
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Elliott story denied

If it was strange that the Daily Mirror bothered themselves with the Paul Elliott to be the new Charlton chairman story, it is perhaps even stranger that Michael Slater has used the mostly worthless News Shopper to deny it. Slater has usually turned to the South London Press for his sound bites and as has been par for the course steers clear of the Official Site.
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Fall from space

Did you watch that? It was insane. On You Tube 7.1m people watched Felix Baumgartner jump 24.2 miles from space, free-falling at over 700 mph for 4 minutes and 22 seconds and then with his parachute activated he floated to a landing in the New Mexico desert. The whole thing took 10 minutes.

It was incredible viewing, watching a man sit on a window ledge 128,000 feet in the sky with a view of the planet and then jump and spin through space at quicker than the speed of sound. Blokes a legend.
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