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Ah, the new football season. League One football returning to The Valley. Who’s excited?

The curtain of the World Cup has been drawn and after watching Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, we have to settle for Nicky Ajose and Naby Sarr. Oh and playing the role of Vladimir Putin is Roland Duchatelet, still owner, all round loon, and cost cutter extraordinaire.

CARD issued a statement yesterday calling for a boycott of The Valley, with renewed protests to follow if the club is still in the hands of Duchatelet by the season kick off at Sunderland on August 4th.

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Honestly is there no end to this man’s derangement?

“The fans missed a big chance. I would have been able to bring the club into the Premier League.” (more)

These quotes came from a meeting that Roland Out Today (ROT) had with Duchatelet whilst they were in Sint Truiden recently and bumped into him when they went to RD’s hotel construction site. A full transcript can be found on here.

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CARD: Protests to resume

Following absolute silence on the takeover front on the back of a couple of positive Richard Murray proclamations, that have frankly been pointless. Then with Karl Robinson after the Blackpool game saying that any takeover is nowhere near and it could be next season CARD have called for a day of protests at the Rotherham game on Easter Monday and will follow that up with action at the other 3 home games in April.

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I don’t know what people expected from yesterday’s CAST meeting with Richard Murray, but it did instil us with more information and background and importantly final evidence that Duchatelet is going to the sell the club.

CAFC and CAST’s accounts of the 50-odd minute were very similar which is good, with February appearing the date that a transaction may happen.

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CARD demands answers

To 10 questions like:

1) Will fan’s liaison and last remaining mouthpiece Richard Murray follow up on Karl Robinson’s claim that he would address supporters this week.
2) Come on, since Kat left what the f is Tom Rubashow doing all day?
3) Will any transfer money received by RD be pledged towards adding to the squad?
4) When will Ezri Konsa be sold?
5) Will Murray and Keith Peacock make up the numbers on the bench on Saturday?
6) Does the old scrote and the remaining SMT members actually want promotion?
7) Is that a little too over-ambitious for us foul mouthed customers?
8) And how are those half-season ticket sales?
9) Oh, and how are those takeover talks?
10) Can us little people get a timeline please?

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The CFO next

Rats and ships.

Rick Everitt has heard what I heard yesterday (from a fellow Blogger) that Charlton CFO David Jones has resigned. Possibly he has a job elsewhere lined up, like Meire apparently.

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Katrien Meire gone

I was woken by a big storm during the night, our garden furniture took a bit of a battering as the wind howled around outside, but what I was unaware of, was that Santa Claus had reappeared bringing more gifts.

“Katrien Meire has decided to stand down from her roles as CEO and Director of Charlton Athletic and will leave the club at the end of the month.”

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Blackburn Rovers 2 Charlton Athletic 0

Falling badly..

Sadly a not unexpected defeat at Blackburn yesterday. Rovers with their sixth consecutive win and us now without a win in five and stuttering very badly. Goals are a problem and we haven’t kept a clean sheet since October. The game management of Kashi and the directness of Fosu (we have not won since he was injured) are badly missed and relied upon players such as Magennis and Holmes have fallen out of form. Robinson is stuck in his formation and frankly we have been worked out.

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I’m a little bit late with this but wanted to expose it to a wider audience and add my kudos. I have been a big advocate of hitting Roland Duchatelet hard on his own soil and now Addicks have set up a political party to contest local elections in Sint Truiden in October, 2018.

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Rosette’s are red

CARD plan to honour Addicks’ fans at the 25th Back to The Valley anniversary game by distributing thousands of red-and-white rosettes to fans outside the stadium. The rosettes are to celebrate the part played by fans in the re-opening of the The Valley in 1992, and particularly the role of the Valley Party, whose 60 candidates amassed almost 15,000 votes in the 1990 local elections, changing Greenwich Council policy in the process.

With the risk of the true meaning of the game being lost by the club, I am happy to see the return of CARD for the first time this season. Katrien Meire is on record as not caring about the club’s history and has regularly failed to mention the massive role that fans had in bringing the club back to it’s spiritual home.

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No protests, no options, no Ajose

CARD issued a statement today which states that there will be no in match protests that could detract from a potentially successful promotion campaign, however other plans are being made.

Possibly the other plans could mean further protests in Duchatelet’s home country and town, which I personally feel at this stage make more of an impact.

I think CARD’s approach is sensible and underscores the mantra of supporting the team (and manager) but not the regime. However everything is still not rosy behind the scenes and I think the inability to bring in another striking option other than an untried Rangers’ reserve shows how much Duchatelet is still stifling ambition at the club. Not for the first time we’ve started well, and possibly have the best looking first XI we’ve seen since Powell left, but again we enter the autumn and winter and the long slog of three games a week with a paper thin squad lacking in experience, depth and options.

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Charlton Athletic 3 Swindon Town 0

A comfortable stroll today in front of protesting Addicks and hundreds and hundreds of stewards. 4 wins and a draw from the final 5 games when the pressure was off. Previous to that when it meant something we had 1 win in 14.

First half goals from the head of Josh Magennis and the foot of Jake Forster Carsley were added to by ‘Player of the Season’ Ricky Holmes in the 2nd half, who finished off a fine move.

Ex Oakwood Park, where my son attends school, pupil Aaron Barnes came on for his Charlton first team debut and Johnnie Jackson was lauded during the game and when substituted, and rightly so, but will be back next season. Chris Solly was also given a heroes farewell when he went off late in the game.

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Never give up the fight – Just sell the club

A superbly put together video by The Guardian that will make your Charlton heart beat a little harder. Better public relations than Tom Rubashow can only dream off. It encapsulates simply not just how much Charlton have been ruined by an incompetent owner but many other football clubs as well.

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Reclaim The Valley

The Valley, Floyd Road, London SE7. Our spiritual home. A home that I first made my own in 1975, and this year for the first season in 42 years, a home that will not have been to, nor to a final home game that I have nearly always made it back for since leaving the UK in 2003. 

However this Sunday CARD have plans to get as many of us there as possible, even if you don’t want to part with your money and enter the ground.
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Coventry City 1 Charlton Athletic 1

An widely anticipated sharing of the points today as both sets of fans built on their kinship with a joint pre-match march and a plastic pig invasion halting the game twice and forcing the players from the field. An expected pitch invasion before the end of the game which saw Cov relegated was averted by a large presence of stewards and police.

The two clubs have much in common and it is a crying shame to see the Sky Blues relegated and they so obviously need a change of ownership and a caring pair of hands to see them arrest their slide. Nonetheless Mark Robins at least looks like he has the ability to win some football matches unlike our bloke as we were completely outplayed and Declan Rudd was a clear player of the match.

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