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England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 move on

That was quite comfortable in the end despite a rather tricky first half hour when Senegal should’ve or could’ve been ahead. Jordan Pickford’s one handed save was pivotal.

There was no better time to score that first, and Kane getting a second allowed us all to relax and enjoy a half-time cuppa.

Gareth Southgate’s team selection was justified with Jordan Henderson excellent. His running, chasing and cajouling of his team mates inspirational and allowing Jude Bellingham to flourish all over the pitch. Bellingham is such an incredible talent.

It was good to see Kane score, and Saka once again delivered. France could, and presumably will exploit defensive errors, but we have to be brave as going forward England carry a lot of threats and confidence.

I won’t worry about that now, that’s for next weekend with the Argentina v Netherlands game mouth-watering too. Four more Round of 16 games to come.

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  1. Mike #

    I thought I was watching Charlton in that first 30minutes, with the ball being played mostly in our half going from side to side and backwards with McQuire making two Inniss type mistakes, which nearly cost us! 🙂

    December 5, 2022
  2. Shadow Play #

    Yep, as Mike above says, there were echoes of the way Charlton play in that first 30 minutes, lots of sideways and backwards passes until the inevitable defensive lapse of concentration. Fortunately Jordan Pickford had his positioning and reflexes switched on. Then England did what we don’t do and ditched the tiki-taki and went a bit route one and exploited the gaps their high-press attacking line obligingly left for us. The goals were well taken and the second deflated Senegal, their body language at that point told me they knew that there was no way back. What could have been a nervy second half was a drama free procession.

    Now how do we deal with France?

    December 5, 2022

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