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First real marker

Lee Bowyer has already declared that he is going to split the campaign into four 9 game sets. It makes a lot of sense. Some pay great significance to how the table looks after 10 games. Others at how it stands at Christmas. Whatever, after a run of 14 points in 6 games it is looking likely that even on our current vein of form we will have a chase on our hands to keep up with the early pace-setters.

Things change. Last year Plymouth were bottom at Christmas, and Bradford horribly fell away. It is absolutely a long old slog. Nonetheless as League One teams play their 11th game of the season this week (Barnsley their 10th) the top 7 teams collectively have more points that their equivalent good starters in The Championship and League Two.

In fact the top 5 teams have lost just four games in 49 games between them and have already scored 105 goals. Other than Doncaster four of the five already have a positive goal difference in double figures. In John Marquis though, Donny do have the current league’s top scorer.

Now, I haven’t done the study to who has playerd whom. We’ve played two of the top five, lost them both but were very unfortunate and Sunderland host the division’s top scorers Peterborough tomorrow night, but games against each other will clearly become big 6-pointers if the table develops as it has started.

I don’t think we are going to see a three-horse race as we did last season, yet after the season’s first real marker I think there will be quite a promotion race, possibly involving more than a handful of sides.

Consistency will be vital to stay in amongst the top group. That is clear, as well as the vital ingredient of goals. We have shown thus far we have both although only one of our games has been settled by more than the odd goal.

36 games left.

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  1. EnviableOne #

    we seem to be good at scoring this season (a big improvement on last) but the issue is we seem to be letting too many in as per last season.

    October 2, 2018
  2. Hmmm. Joint 6th worse in the division but we have looked a little shaky at times for sure.

    October 2, 2018
  3. Nigel Reddick #

    Before the first game of the season I forecast we’d finish 16th. I’m really enjoying the season so far, but I’d bite your arm off to finish 6th. As you allude to above CA, finishing higher than that will be a tough task. In all the games I’ve seen so far (all those at home and three away) matches have been tight, apart from Sunderland away where I think they dominated second half, and Plymouth where we dominated the last half hour. Which tends to suggest there will be a lot of clubs chasing that final play off spot.

    October 2, 2018

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