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18 years ago today a little shell-shocked and definitely unprepared for what a life-changing experience it was to become, I held the tiniest little bundle in my arms in the maternity ward at Pembury Hospital in Maidstone. A fluff of blonde hair, face all scrunched up and 7lb 4oz of a newborn baby.

My son hasn’t had the most uncomplicated childhood, circumstances have not always been the easiest but incredibly he has grown to be an amazing unassuming, caring and balanced young man. He’s funny too, which he gets from me!

His Mum has always driven manners, respect and the sense that there is a bigger world out there into him, and I thank her for that. I gave him the Addicks of course, which I am sure he will be ever thankful for, even though the days of him sitting on my lap in the Covered End cheering another Darren Bent goal seem like an eternity ago.

He and I have built a very dependable relationship, if not always conventional, depending on your view, and it blows my mind that 18 years have passed since that evening in Pembury Hospital.

He has worked his arse of at school, not blessed with natural academic ability (he is my son) he has sweated to get to the cusp of taking his A Levels in a few months, and then a new chapter in his life will start. He’s already booked his first lads holiday, which takes me back.

Today though he can legally go into a boozer and buy a pint, and apparently in the ‘how to be a Dad textbook’ it says he can now buy me one too, which I am hugely looking forward to. Happy 18th birthday son x

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  1. Neuk #

    Totally wonderful. Congratulations. We are very similar and I love your blog. I am also Charlton through abc through and go with my dad, aged 86, and my son, sam aged 7. Neil

    February 18, 2018
  2. Thanks Neil.

    February 18, 2018
  3. Charltonlanedave #

    Blimey CA.

    I am also very surprised to read this, as is Nicki. He was just a quiet little boy when I first met him in the Rose of Denmark and handed him a coke.

    Happy Birthday Ollie! Lads Holiday – oh yes.

    Dave and Nicki.

    February 19, 2018

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